Troop 1077 FAQ

Where are you, and how big?

Troop 1077 meets Monday nights when school is in session at the Brentfield Elem. Intermediate Cafeteria, 6767
Brentfield Dr., in Far North Dallas. We are a well-balanced troop with about 70 Scouts spread across Trail-to-
First Class, First Class to Life and Life-to-Eagle programs. Our Scouts enjoy the support of more than a dozen
registered and trained adults, who provide counsel and logistics, as well as advancement support, as needed.

Our Trail to First Class Scouts meet weekly at 7 p.m., and the full troop meets at 7:30 p.m. Our Patrol Leaders
Council meets monthly to plan meetings and outings.

Advancement support?

Skills training and meeting activities are coordinated with the camping activity of the month and are led by  
experienced Scouts. Most new Scouts
advance through Trail to First Class within nine months with support from
two Assistant Scout Masters and older Scouts
. Merit badges are coached by adult leaders or older Scouts
before and during Monday night meetings.

Camping and High Adventure?

The troop camps one weekend per month during the school year. The PLC determines destinations and
s. Among their favorites are shooting and canoing campouts. We also participate in Summer Camp and
Winter Camp and
Scouts determine their annual High Adventure interests. We also have an annual Memorial
Day Adventure.

We support Cub Scout packs around us by providing a variety levels of support, training opportunities and
participating in Web
elos Woods to introduce incoming Scouts to camping at the Boy Scout level.

What is the average time that your scouts take to become an Eagle Scout?

Boys earn Eagle at their own pace. We do not push Eagle, but support their efforts. Most Eagles are 16-17. Our
Troop is proud to have helped more than 100 boys get to Eagle over the past 20 years.

Are there any requirements for a parent to attend a campout or trip?

BSA require all registered adults to have Youth Protection Training and Texas requires Face-to-Face YPT for
campouts of 3 or more days within the state

How often are the patrols reformed?

Patrols form every year with the new Scouts entering the troop. Our patrols are multi-age, to nurture leadership
and mentoring in a boy-led group.

How diverse are you?  

Our boys come from many local schools, both public (mostly Plano and Richardson) and private.

What are your community service projects?  

Scouts in Troop 1077 play a big role in Scouting for Food each year. They also focus their Eagle Projects on
community needs


  • Scoutmaster:              Richard Hutchins      214 709-5284     
  • Recruiting Chair:        Rahm Heymann